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Over 33 talks and 83 posters were presented at the 46th Inorganic Discussion Weekend. Over 9 prizes were awarded to presenting authors. Below is a list of winners.

Oral Presentations

Winner of the Best Oral Presentation (Inorganic Chemistry), sponsored by the Inorganic Division of the Canadian Society for Chemistry, Wiley and Pearson: Jonathan W. Dube

OC16 Photo-induced Reversible Activation of White Phosphorus with Main Group Compounds, Jonathan W. Dubea, Cameron M. E. Grahama, Charles L. B. Macdonaldb, and Paul J. Ragogna*(aUniversity of Western Ontario, London and bUniversity of Windsor, Windsor)

Winner of the Best Oral Presentation (Materials Chemistry), sponsored by the Materials Division of the Chemical Institute of Canada, Wiley and Pearson: Joanne W. L. Wong

OB1 Pressure Induced Phase Transitions and Metallization of a Neutral Radical ConductorJoanne W. L. Wong, Aaron Mailman, Kristina Lekin, Stephen M. Winter and Richard T. Oakley* (University of Waterloo, Waterloo)

Runner-up for Best Oral Presentations (Inorganic Chemistry), sponsored by Pearson: Stephanie M. Barbon

OC15 Hydrogen-Bond-Supported Dimeric Boron Complexes of Potentially Tetradentate β-Diketiminate Ligands, Stephanie M. Barbon, Viktor N. Staroverov, Paul. D. Boyle, and Joe B. Gilroy* (Un. of Western Ontario, London)

Runner-up for Best Oral Presentations (Materials Chemistry), sponsored by Pearson: Emma Gavey

OB6 Magnetically Interesting Lanthanide Complexes of Schiff-Base Macrocycles and Crown Ethers, Emma Gavey, Majeda Al Hareri and Melanie Pilkington* (Brock University, St. Catharines)

Poster Presentations

Winner of the Best Poster Presentation (Inorganic Chemistry), sponsored by Dalton Transactions (Royal Society of Chemistry), Wiley and Pearson: Terry Chu

P8 H-X Bond Activation Mediated by Aluminum(I), Terry Chu and Georgii I. Nikonov* (Brock University, St. Catharines)

Winner of the Best Poster Presentation (Materials Chemistry), sponsored by Organometallics (American Chemical Society), York University, Wiley and Pearson: Majeda Al Hareri and Ami Pham

P3 The First Family of Lanthanide Molecule-Based Magnets Assembled from Crown Ether Ligands, Majeda Al Hareri, Emma Gavey, Amy Pham & Melanie Pilkington* (Brock University, St. Catharines)

First Runner-up for Best Poster Presentations, sponsored by Wiley and Pearson: Dr. Annie Castonguay

P23 Novel Ruthenium(II)-Letrozole Complexes as Breast Cancer Therapeutics and Development of a Nanosensor-based Aromatase Assay Using a Magnetic Cu-Fe Nanoparticle CatalystAnnie Castonguay, Mary Bateman, Cédric Doucet, Michal Juhas, Chao-Jun Li,* Audrey Moores* and Dusica Maysinger* (McGill University, Montreal)

Second Runner-up for Best Poster Presentations (tie), sponsored by Pearson: Xiang Wang and Sean F. Roberson

P33 Bright Blue and White Electrophosphorescent Triarylboryl-Functionalized C^N-Chelate Pt(II) CompoundsXiang Wang,a Yi-Lu Chang,b Jia-Sheng Lu,a T. Zhang,b Zheng-Hong Lu,b Suning Wanga* (aQueen’s University, Kingston and bUniversity of Toronto, Toronto)

P57 The Effects of Extended Conjugation and Heteroatoms on the Properties of 2-Dimensionally Fused Small MoleculesSean F. Robertson, Alicea A. Leitch, Kimberly A. Stobo, Ilia Korobkov, Jaclyn L. Brusso* (University of Ottawa, Ottawa)

 Participation Prizes

Twenty Cineplex movie tickets, provided by Pearson, were given to ten presenting authors selected randomly. 

The organizing committee of the 46th Inorganic Discussion Weekend extends their congratulations to all winners, and wishes to acknowledge all contributors to the oral and poster presentations. We also wish to thank all the sponsors who contributed to the awards ceremony: York University, the Inorganic and Materials Divisions of the Canadian Society for Chemistry, Dalton Transactions (Royal Society of Chemistry), Organometallics (American Chemical Society), Pearson and Wiley. Access to pictures on Flickr is available upon request (


Updated on November 19th, 2013.